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This story tells the life of an upper class young lady named Laura and her out look on life . She loved the little things in nature that most people in a hurry wouldn’t bother to notice.



KaZaa Legal or Illegal ? When downloading music from the internet, have you ever thought that you may be breaking the law ? Most people do not think about it, but if you are using a program to download songs for free, you are committing a felony.


Keeping track of post graduates

Keeping track of postgraduates One of the many problems faced by tertiary institutions is how to keep track of their graduates to keep them informed of University news and events in order to promote life long learning.


Keeping Your computer healthy

Ah yes, the scent and feel of a new computer . The shiny monitor, the new, clean, dust-free keyboard more on how to keep your computer dust-free in a future article , and most of all - the fast computer.



In the beginning of tenth grade, I experienced the loss of one of my best friends . I didn’t lose her through death, rather we grew apart.



A keyboard is perhaps the most commonly extended computer accessory in todays world . A Keyboard is a basic mechanism to transfer the substantial action into the computer as an electronic Data Signal.


Knowledge Management

In today s information-driven economy, knowledge has been and continues to be the key to success and competitive advantage for every organization . Knowledge Management KM is a newly emerging, interdisciplinary solution dealing with all aspects of knowledge within the context of the organization, including knowledge creation, codification, sharing, and how these activities promote learning and innovation.


knowledge management

... Management has invited you to write an advisory memo some 4 pages 2000 words on this issue, in the style and format as taught in your previous IDM education.

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