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1Kidney stones are a common kidney disorder . To understand kidney stones we need to understand the kidneys and how they function . The kidney’s function is to remove poisonous waste from the blood, and they also regulate the amount of liquid in the body, which makes the kidneys of high importance to the delicate balance in the human body, as well as most other vertebrates.


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DNA EXTRACTION EXPERIMENT dupa head, Block A, October 16th Purpose To extract DNA from onion cells Background DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA is the nucleic acid that stores and transmits the genetic information from one generation of an organism to the next.



Finite Geometries of Pappus and Desagruss In order to understand finite geometry, the fifth and most contested postulate of Euclid must be defined . This postulate states that for every line l and every point P, not on l there exists some unique line m through P that is parallel to l.


Klinefelters Syndrome

Paper Proposal Presentation The topic that I have chosen to write about is named Klinefelters Syndrome . For those of you that dont know this Syndrome is a result of a flaw in the chromosomes that make up your genes.


knowledge for nursing

The occupational Health Nurse is professional accountability to promote and improve health in the workplace of employees by using her knowledge and skills . Her accountability as an OHN is to Collect health information about Nigel and document his data She also needs to inform Nigel that all information that she collects needs to be recorded, but all documentation will be confidential because of Privacy Act 1993, under health privacy code 1994 Establish a.



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